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WWE Wrestlers Ordered To "Stay At Home" From Thursday Night


Let's hope that WWE gets all their WrestleMania 36 taping done by Thursday night, because the promotion may be forced into complete and total lockdown by 11pm that evening.

Per Lords of Pain, Orlando city officials have issued a fortnight-long "stay at home" order starting on Thursday evening, covering the whole Orange County, Florida area. This is where both the WWE Performance Center and Full Sail University are located.

It is expected that WWE will wrap their tapings on Thursday. The promotion plans on filming everything up to the Raw after WrestleMania 36 scheduled for 6 April, plus some additional content if necessary. If the order does end up expiring on 8 April, as it will if it only stays in place for two weeks, they should be fine, though an extension could leave them short of footage.


Tuesday brought reports that Dana Brooke and Rey Mysterio had entered quarantine as a result of the ongoing global situation. Here's hoping they're okay.

This is unquestionably the most challenging period in modern WWE history, to the point that content production may now grind to a complete halt. Fingers crossed the promotion churns out everything they need by Thursday.