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Why Paul Heyman Deserves Blame For WWE's 'Fake' Razor Ramon

Wrestling fans in 1996 watched with baited breath as Jim Ross promised to bring back Razor Ramon and Diesel to the WWF. He did, but it was bogus versions played by Rick Bognar and Glenn Jacobs, not Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

They were over in WCW making serious cash.

On 'Something To Wrestle With', Bruce Prichard revealed who first launched the 'Fake' Razor idea into Vince McMahon's mind. Amazingly, it was none other than then-ECW boss Paul Heyman. Yes, this writer is every bit as disappointed as you probably are.


Tut tut, Paul E.

According to Prichard, Heyman phoned him up and said he had to hear the perfect Ramon impression Bognar could do. That caught Vince's attention, and the thought of repackaging someone under the Razor gimmick became a genuine prospect.


Paul claimed that Bognar could do a better Ramon than Scott Hall, which would obviously prove to be totally untrue. The Razor 2.0 (0.5?) character tanked, was dead on arrival and the WWF moved on quickly upon realising that fans weren't buying some Halloween knock off.

Thank God Rick didn't do a solid Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage impersonation in ECW locker rooms.