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Report: Tessa Blanchard's Impact Contract Featured "Speak-No-Ill" Clause

Tessa Blanchard

An interesting new note on Tessa Blanchard's Impact Wrestling release has emerged, with Fightful Select reporting that the former world Champion is bound to a non-disparagement clause following her departure from the company.

Such things are often referred to internally as "speak-no-ill' policies. They effectively present former employees from shooting on the other bound party in the wake of a split, meaning fans shouldn't expect Tessa to hop on a podcast and throw barbs at Impact anytime soon.

The Fightful report notes that such agreements are becoming the standard in many pro-wrestling organisations these days, with the National Wrestling Alliance's talented deals featuring them as well, perhaps explaining why Ricky Starks and Zicky Dice have said little since their respect departures from Billy Corgan's group.


Blanchard was sensationally released as Impact's World Champion last week. This came ahead of her contract expiry on 30 June, with speculation suggesting that the company let her go early in order to send a message.

Tessa was supposed to defend the World Title in a five-way match at the Slammiversary pay-per-view on 18 July, with the promotion's fear that she might no-show the event a reported factor in her departure.