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Indie Wrestling Finally Coming To WWE Network?


Stop us if you think that you've heard this one before, but there's a chance independent wrestling promotions could finally be on their way to WWE Network.

Dave Meltzer writes in this week's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is reaching out to indie groups with a view to acquiring their tape libraries to air on the $9.99-a-month OTT streaming service. This has been suggested in the past, with footage from companies like ICW and PROGRESS reportedly forming part of a tiered subscription service, but never came to pass.

That WWE could revive the idea makes great sense if they are to take live pay-per-views off the Network, as Vince McMahon suggested during the much-talked-about Q4 2019/FY 2019 earnings call. The promotion will be under pressure to provide additional value to a service fans will be still be paying $9.99 for. Live PPVs are one of the Network's biggest selling points, so they'll need to find new ways to fill the void, with indie content forming part of that.


EVOLVE seems like an easy move here, given that that promotion already operates as pseudo-developmental for WWE. ICW and PROGRESS remain under WWE's wing as well.