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How Batista's Book Inspired 'King' Corbin's WWE Dreams


'King' Corbin made headlines last week by blasting fans who criticise him.

Now, the SmackDown heel has revealed exactly what inspired him to chase his goal of becoming a pro wrestler. Specifically, Corbin has told what piece of advice prompted him to target the WWE system.

The royal goof told Corey Graves' 'After The Bell' podcast that it was Batista's book, 'Batista Unleashed', that had his mind racing. In the book, Batista cited Ohio Valley Wrestling (WWE's old developmental system) as the perfect place to train if one wanted to catch Vince McMahon's eye.


That spoke to Corbin. He read the book in college, and admits he didn't actually know there were other places to train anyway - the 'King' wasn't aware of the independent scene, and he only knew that wrestlers trained in Japan or via this magical OVW place.

He wouldn't even have known about that without big Dave's autobiography.


Corbin told Graves that he doesn't "feel cool" admitting that he was inspired by Batista's book. Instead of being directly headhunted from the NFL or accidentally stumbling across the company, Corbin was a casual WWE fan who blissfully ignored the indy scene.

Some will have a field day with that nugget of info.