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10 WWE Superstars Who Have Been Released The Most

Maybe it's fitting that a man who was once WWE's chief voodoo practitioner was cursed with a patchy employment record with the company.

Charles Wright had many opportunities to make it in Stamford, largely thanks to his close friendship with office favourite The Undertaker. It took a long time for one of them to stick. His first real stab came as the loa Papa Shango, a witch doctor whose dark arts could send men with a constitution even as hearty as The Ultimate Warrior's into convulsions. Though the macabre character was clearly cool, it was that exact angle which had executive Pat Patterson lamenting the decay of the business. The gimmick was exorcised - and with it, Wright.

When he returned in 1995, it was with a significantly more realistic character - too realistic, in fact. Kama, The Supreme Fighting Machine, was a 'legitimate' shoot fighter who merely drew attention to his colleagues' phoniness - especially as he wasn't particularly threatening himself. Inevitably, his path crossed with 'Taker, but besides reforging the urn as a spangly gold chain, the programme didn't amount to much, and he was once more let go in 1996.

After a WCW offer gone south meant Wright did not, he once more reappeared in WWE in 1997. Though initially a bruiser for the Nation of Domination, under The Rock's leadership he gradually tuned into his most - and arguably, only - successful character: The Godfather. It'd sustain his WWE career, ironic PTC jibes notwithstanding, until his third and final release five years later.