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10 WWE Hires That DOOMED Other Wrestlers

Land of the giants.

Traditionally, that's what WWE was. Hulking beasts with more muscles than moves stalked the hallways of arenas worldwide, and physical size was very much a prerequisite for instant success in Vince McMahon's promotion. 30 years on from that jurassic period, size still counts, but there isn't room for everyone.

Dave Meltzer claimed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the towering Omos played a part in Braun Strowman's recent release. According to Dave, AJ Styles' partner quickly became Vince's "new toy" due to his superior height and size compared to Braun. That left Strowman's 'Monster Among Men' guise redundant.

Of course, his expensive downside guarantee probably didn't help, but Meltzer's sources believe that McMahon didn't know what else to do with Braun creatively once Omos crashed the scene. He, not Strowman, became the go-to giant in WWE circles, and that accelerated one big man's exit.

Fair enough - WWE had burned through everything they had for Braun anyway.