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10 Wrestling Personalities With Great Twitter Game

Becky Lynch may have been relatively inactive since last year's pregnancy announcement, but such was the impact she made on Twitter that this list wouldn't have felt complete without the presence of The Man.

Lynch is a twitter legend because, much like her onscreen persona, she gives exactly zero f**ks what anyone might think. From bashing WWE's questionable booking to slamming Taylor Swift for "adopting" her gimmick, Becky Lynch's tweets are more barbed than an AEW PPV main event (and a hell of a lot more explosive).

It also helps that The Man is genuinely funny, as Becky's caustic wit makes her one of the best trash-talkers on Twitter. From tweeting "Sasha fans really love to emulate their hero—now they’re all crying too" after leaving the Boss a teary-eyed mess in the ring, to declaring herself a "Bigger Canadian hero than Wayne Jetski" after beating Natalya in Toronto, Becky Lynch's verbal beatdowns were just as effective at building her character as her accomplishments in the ring.

Becky Lynch may have been mostly absent from Twitter for the past year, but if her Royal Rumble tweets are any indication her sense of humour is still as sharp as ever, and ready to eviscerate the rest of the women's roster when The Man comes round again.