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10 Times WWE Gambled On A New Gimmick Match

WrestleMania 36 The Undertaker AJ Styles

On last night's WWE RAW, AJ Styles challenged the Undertaker to a 'Boneyard Match'.

At time of writing, it is unclear what exactly such a match entails, but it says something - something that probably begins with "You see..." - that the optics are guaranteed to be terrible. This is WWE in 2020. You can enjoy the slick production or you can bristle at the lack of soul, but it cannot be denied that this company long ago encased itself in a bubble. A boneyard has obvious connotations of death, and WrestleMania 36 purportedly exists, in this monstrosity of a form, to act as an escape from precisely that. It's a match involving the Undertaker. His mere presence connotes it.

But with the verbiage AJ Styles used (burial, plots), and the theme of the storyline (Styles wants the old Undertaker, not the Instagram filter), an informed estimate leads one to believe that this is a PG renaming of the old Buried Alive match. Since they can't really bury anybody in a gym - there's no space left, filled as it is with the damned in their 'Property of WWE' t-shirts - this might actually take place in a mock graveyard as part of those reported on-location stipulation matches that have circulated over the last couple of weeks.

On the subject of which...