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10 Current WWE Superstars Who Have Been Arrested

It was Bad News for NXT's current resident co-commentator back in 2008 as Wade Barrett found himself on the wrong side of the law on the back of a scuffle outside a Tampa bar.

The incident went down whilst the former Nexus man was still honing his craft down in FCW, with Barrett reportedly attacking an officer who was decked in normal clothes. The former Intercontinental Champion soon stated that, had he known this individual was indeed a cop, he would have refrained from trying to make a quick getaway shortly after.

In the end, the charges against Barrett, that of battery of a law enforcement officer, were dropped later down the line. But the Brit still had to endure a night in the can immediately following the incident, and was even rumoured to have been tasered as he attempted to leave the scene during the drama.

Having not been arrested ever since, it seems as though the winner of the first season of NXT has learned his lesson the hard way. He also owns a less than pleasing mugshot to remind him not to cross the law again.