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10 Most Unique Fight Finishes In UFC History

Ending a fight is surely every fighter's goal at the start of any clash.

If you're not actively trying to decapitate, over-power or dissect your opponent from the minute you step foot inside the Octagon then the chances are you're going to get found out very quickly and you're probably in the wrong sport to begin with.

It's no easy feat, though. Stopping another martial artist requires you to have a high level of skill and tactical awareness, because whilst you're trying to finish your rival they are most definitely trying to do the same thing to you.

So, sometimes - in order to secure that glorious fight finish - you have to think outside the box and use your own specific attributes/weapons to your advantage.

These attributes/weapons can range from extremely unorthodox striking manoeuvres to seemingly inhuman reflexes, but they've all been used to achieve the same result over the years.

Game. Over.

You won't find any standard right hook or rear-naked choke finishes on this list. Although both are still not exactly fun things to be on the receiving end of - trust me.

Instead, here we have a collection of the most unique ways that UFC fighters have successfully ended a contest inside of the cage.