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Dennis Rodman Challenges Rob Gronkowski To WWE Match


Former NBA star and honorary nWo member Dennis Rodman may have just set the scene for an all-celebrity match with recent WWE signee Rob Gronkowski.

On his recent 'WWE Untold: Rodzilla Runs Wild' Network special, Rodman said that he's heard Gronk "talk some sh*t" about him in recent years. That's why the ex-Chicago Bull power forward wants Gronkowski in the ring.

Dennis claimed that such a match wouldn't be about money (ahem), and said he only wants to prove himself instead after hearing Gronkowski boast about his athleticism. The 58-year old also weirdly referred to himself as "fifty years old" when noting that he could still kick ass.


This might be the kind of thing WWE are interested in to plug a hole on one of their Saudi Arabia supercards in the future. It'd drum up some mainstream interest, if nothing else; hardcore wrestling fans, meanwhile, would probably crap all over it, and perhaps rightfully so.

Gronk is a WWE rookie, and Rodman hasn't worked a match since losing to Curt Hennig on iGW's 'Superstars of Wrestling - Rodman Down Under' pay-per-view in June 2000.


His last WCW match was at Road Wild 1999 against Randy Savage.