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10 Most Shocking Moments In Mortal Kombat History

When people first witnessed the absurd gore and over-the-top finishing moves of Mortal Kombat, they were mortified. Horrified. Shocked. Because gamers were desperate to play a video game that depicted violence on this scale, it was easy to see how MK became a hit. It was so successful, it spawned sequels, tv shows, spin-offs, and a movie.

Despite the fact every entry in the franchise ups the gore, it's not as shocking as it used to be. It's hard to believe but modern gamers can watch Kung Lao slice his rival in half, genitalia-first, without batting an eyelid. As brutal as the Fatalities are in recent games, it doesn't have the same effect as before.

But that doesn't mean the series stopped being shocking. Far from it. Over the last 25+ years, Mortal Kombat has had many mind-blowing moments.

Remember the first time you discovered a secret character? How crazy was it when you learned the true identity of Noob Saibot? How heart-breaking was it witnessing a beloved hero turn evil?

There are surely plenty more, but these are some of the most shocking moments in the history of Mortal Kombat.